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Welcome to the photo website of Doug Stocks. Even though I formed a serious interest in photography in my early teens, I only returned to the art in 2005 after a long hiatus. I now do digital work only, my main camera being a Nikon D300s. I am a member of the Shades Valley Camera Club in Birmingham, Alabama. Some of my work has been published in books highlighting business opportunities in Alabama and Fort Worth, Texas.

Prints may be ordered of most images displayed on this site. Contact me for details.

Handmade Note Cards Most of my images are available in the form of handmade note cards (blank interior). Contact me for details.

Additional Photos may be seen on my flickr page. The images on flickr are more of the nature of travelogue snapshots. The current travelogue began with the posting for December 1, 2010 .

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2014 England Trip

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Gibb's Garden

Gibb's Garden is a beautiful 220 acre garden northwest of Atlanta. ...

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What's New

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Black & White

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Around the World



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Other Flowers & Plants

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New Orleans, circa 1970

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But is it Art?

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Rickwood Field

Rickwood Field, the oldest ball park in America, is located in Birming ...

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Digitally Enhanced Photographs

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Virginia's Paris

My friend with the exquisite eye for composition, Virgina Jones, just ...

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Guest Photos

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Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament

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Lyric Theatre.

The Lyric Theatre (3rd Ave N & 18th Street, Birmingham, AL) first open ...

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Virginia City, Nevada

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Infrared Photography

I just got my "new" infrared camera. These are the results of my fir ...

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My Family

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Symmetric Art

Updated: Jan 12, 2013 9:00pm PST

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